DecisionCAMP 2018

Last year’s DecisionCAMP in London was super interesting – highly recommend“,
Derek Miers – Research Director, Gartner

DecisionCAMP is the major international event oriented to Decision Management practitioners with a strong technical background. Decision Management is rapidly becoming the critical methodological and technological framework to support decision making approaches across a wide range of industries. Nowadays business analysts, architects, developers and decision makers at all levels, as well as technology vendors and consultants, actively use Decision Management technologies such as:

  • Business Rules
  • Business Decision Modeling
  • Decision Testing and Execution
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Decision Optimization
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

New operational decision management systems integrate traditional business processes, business rules, advanced analytics, events, and more – directing them all to a common goal – better business decisions! The OMG standard “Decision Model and Notation (DMN)” brings standardization to decision modeling, an emerging best practice. Decision Modeling clearly defines a business target, shows how to orchestrate decision management techniques, supports interoperability, and integrates decisions into modern enterprise architectures.

DecisionCAMP-2018 is organized by and is one of the events at the Logic for AI Summit (LuxLogAI) hosted by the University of Luxembourg.  DecisionCAMP is the latest incarnation of the series of popular events for Business Rules and Decision Management practitioners. It started in 2008 as October RulesFest, continued in 2009-2011 as RulesFest, became IntelliFest in 2012, and DecisionCAMP in 2013-2017. See the entire history of the events.

DecisionCAMP-2018 will include presentations from leading decision management authorities, vendors, and practitioners. The event will explore the current state in Decision Management, the real-world use of the DMN standard, and solutions to various business problems using Decision Management  tools and capabilities. The event will include a Q&A Panel “Real-world Decision Modeling”. The attendees will be able to vote for the people to be included in the Decision Management Most Influential List of 2018.

There are many benefits to attending DecisionCAMP:

  • Learn about new trends in Decision Management technologies, and how they can be used to address your business problems
  • Share practical results on the use of various decision management technologies in business settings
  • Exchange best practices for using DMN and decision management technologies.

Organization Committee:

Chair: Dr. Jacob FeldmanOpenRules, USA

Committee Members:

  • James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions, USA
  • Prof. Jan Vanthienen, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Mark Proctor, Red Hat, UK
  • Carole-Ann Berlioz, Sparkling Logic, USA
  • Dr. Alan N Fish, FICO, UK.

DecisionCAMP Dates:

Abstract  Submission: April 7, 2018
Author Notification: April 30, 2018
Presentation Submission: Sep 10, 2018
DecisionCAMP: Sep 17-19, 2018

Instructions for Participants

Venue:                                                                            University of Luxembourg


Who Presents at DecisionCAMP-2018
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 Representatives from 14 Countries